getting started…

I have so many projects that I want to work on during this spring break that it is a bit overwhelming and hard to figure out what to do first.  plus there are social obligations, the day job, and nurturing of my relationship with my husband, friends and my home.

But today, after a haircut and lunch with a good friend I will be off to the Metro studio.  Glaze tests in the test kiln should be cool enough to look at – that’s first on the list!

Then unload the bisque.

Then trim some bowls and put handles on mugs.

Then the tea bowl  throwing starts.  My goal is a minimum 150 tea bowls – both yunomi and chawan – by the end of the semester. Today I’ll only throw 20 because…

…more glaze tests need to be made and fired.  Depending on the results of the ones that come out today I will see if I need to alter any recipes or try some new ones.  I’ll have to try some overlaps as well.  I need to figure out a base exterior glaze and a base interior liner glaze that work well together and take colorants well.  I’m working on developing the micro-crystalline surface.

Ooh … I think I’ll make a new batch of shino just for kicks.  The one we have is a bit boring in my opinion – I’ll make one with a goodly amount of soda ash like Malcolm Davis’s…or give Penn State’s high-feldspar recipe a try.

Malcom Davis Jar - lot's of soda ash!

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