Applying paper mache

So after working at the gallery today, I came home and started applying the papier-mâché to the vase.  I mixed up a batch of wallpaper paste and cut vellum into strips.  Then began the messy process of dipping the paper, squeezing off the excess and applying it to the vase sections.

that's sawdust on the large form, saran wrap on the smaller form and Murphy's oil soap as a releasing agent

So …tomorrow I’ll be spending the day in the ceramics studio at Metro glazing, loading the gas kiln and an electric kiln both for cone 10 firings.  Then home to cut the papier-mâché form off the the large section (which will be the bottom of the vase) and then papier-mâché-ing it again to create the middle portion of the vase.  Then onto applying the wood shavings.

Yesterday, Patrick and I took a ride up Sunshine Canyon to see the fire burn from the Four Mile Canyon fire last fall.  These images are from the Bald Mountain trail.

I'm working on a painting from this image - it will probably be a series.

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