The firing from hell…

So it’s 9:30pm.  I started firing this kiln at 8am.

The Metro State Claytarian - it's not behaving today!


So I’m a little crabby.  Especially since I finished loading it at 11pm last night, got to bed a little after midnight and then got back up at 5am to come back to Denver…and I have to get up at 5 again tomorrow to come back.

So I’m just a touch crabby.  I love firing but I also like sleeping.


This is the temp as of's lower than it was at 5:30 thanks to a burner shutting off.


But…on a good note…I unloaded some tests from the Skutt cone 10 kiln I fired last night.


Most of the tests were a failure…but that’s okay and to be somewhat expected since I feel like I’m reinventing the wheel with this glaze research project I’m working on.  BUT… I have two not such total failures.


I'm starting to get somewhere - nice visible microcrystals!


I’m not digging the the liner glaze but that’s okay…I know I need to spend some time on that part – not such a challenge (so she says…).

So yea, I’m crabby (for the 3rd time)…but loving what I’m doing.  I’ll catch up on sleep over the weekend…

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