finished and critiqued

Well…I finally finished the wood curl vase and had it critiqued.

Unfortunately, the object was not successful but I’d say the process was.  I worked hard on it and am grateful to Patrick for surprising me in the studio the night before critique to offer me his help.  I would have NEVER finished it in time if he hadn’t come.  No way.  We worked on it until 11pm (that’s when the university kicks me out) with one run to the hardware store  for more adhesives.

The final piece in the gallery - 5 ft high

So…as I worked on it I could see that it was not fulfilling my original vision.  The vellum didn’t work so I had to redo the paper mache using newspaper.  So I lost the translucency I wanted from it.  The shavings added visual weight to the form rather than the lightness desired.  The material (corn feed left over from a previous sculpture) I used to weight the piece caused bulging at the bottom – adding to the visual heaviness.

So. it was not well received and this I expected.  But this is all ok – it was the process that was important to me.  I decided that P and I should celebrate the critique with something in a martini glass…

My latest invention - I call it "The Wooden Monkey" - rum, vodka, triple sec, fresh squeezed oranges and limes, maraschino cherry and a sugared rim. Yum.

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