So…4 weeks ago I had a surgery (surgery #3 in fact) on my right wrist. I had my mp joint fused  and my cmc joint reconstructed using pieces of my my own tendon from my fore arm.  Needless to say this has interfered greatly with my work.  For a while I was going with the flow, trying to maintain my cool and trying to be enthusiastic about the idea that maybe this my change my work.

this is what the titanium screw looks like that has fused the mp joint. There is a stainless steel rod in there as well...

cast came off yesterday to reveal my new racing stripe. Now to a splint for 4- 5 weeks

Well…I’m over that.  The thing is that I have known all along that this was going to be temporarily so it just became a major pain in the ass.  Not to say I haven’t made any new realizations…I now know that I really enjoy mold- making and slip casting (though I’m going to drop the mold making class I’m in right now and retake it when I have full use of both hands).  Mold making really jives with my personality…I’m talking about the whole process of designing and making the mold itself as well as casting.  It’s like I’m making 2  objects when I work this way  and I’m interested in both plaster and bisque molds.  Not to say I want to completely switch over to molds work from throwing…I just want to investigate it much more in depth.

So now I’m interested in researching the work of contemporary ceramic artists that work with molds.  Of course there is my own teacher – Tsehai Johnson…and then along with Heather Mae Erickson and Kari Radasch (bisque molds – less slip-casting) there are a whole of people to look into…

Tsehai Johnson with her DAM installation
Heather Mae Erickson at work
Heather Mae Erickson
Kari Radasch at work
Kari Radasch's work - I have one of the small square plates on the right.

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