What now?

Ok – so I am done with school – that was a long haul.  Am I a “real” artist now?

As much as I feel such relief finishing I am also feeling a tiny bit at loose ends.  Funny – I went back to school because I wasn’t happy with my work and now that I’m done I’m not happy with my work. Really – I’m just feeling a little blocked.  Today I am going into the studio to make some triaxial blends using mason stains.  I have been using underglazes but not so happy with the flat look I get.  I’m hoping that by adding a bit of titanium to my glazes and brushing on the layers I’ll get a little more sense of depth.20150804_104054boring…

Ya know – I’ve always wanted to make dishware with muted colors but for some reason I end up with bright colors.  I’ve also always been interested in white.  I think I might start investigating this soon.

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