Well I just remembered that I can post from my phone… Only a week into my trip.  I find that I don’t want to sit still a moment over here…i want to walk and drink in everything I can.  And eat! I have one meal out a day and every one has been pasta.  

Right now I am having lunch at Cucina Torcicoda…a rec from the NYT. It is fantastic. I am having the special… tagliatele with porcini. Housemade pasta of course. AMAZING!

I love the little leather basket for the bread. 

This place is right up my alley because it has a tiny menu and serve red or white wine…one kind… the house.  At least for lunch.  They can make any cocktail and it is the same price. A glass of wine is 4euros…my pasta is 8. I’m having a glass of white and it is delicious.

Anyway… I spent the first half of the day at the Uffizi Gallery. I looked at every painting. It was wild seeing so many paintings that I studied in school.  

  Off to explore…

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