Relaxing in Cyprus

So we are relaxing with our friends Marios and Maria in Cyprus at their beautiful beach house. Since I have not had consistent WiFi until here I have not been able to post… so that means I  eventually will have to go back in time and start from the beginning post by post.  This should be fun because I will get to live it over again. But for now I’m here at Konnos Bay.  The water is a magical color of blue that my phone will never be able to deliver. I haven’t taken many pictures yet but here is one taken around 2pm white on a walk to the market:

The Mediterranean Sea



Here is the view from our bedroom:

Last night we went to a a traditional Cypriot Taverna in Soltira called Ploumin.  There we had a traditional mezedes dinner … or what Patrick calls “death by a thousand tiny dishes”.   We started with some pickled items, bread, salad and quail eggs  The dips are tzaziki and tahina:

Quail eggs!

Anyway, as usual, we got so busy eating, talking and drinking Cypriot wine and I forgot to take any more pictures but there was 20 more dishes that came out  – souvlaki, keftedes, grilled halloumi, eggplant, grilled chicken and many items that I cannot pronounce or figure out how to write.

Well we are off to do some snorkeling so I will write more later…




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