So, Five years later …

Yep. It’s been five years since my last post – though we did lose a year or two in there. I feel like I did! So much has happened during the pandemic, but just before it started I lost a close friend and last year I lost my Mother-in-law, who was also a close friend.

On the positive side, we built a home studio and got a dog!! My sweet Ella. My Instagram feed @tammyllynn is mostly of the girl!

These days I am working full-time for the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) – after about 17 years of contract work I am with them full time. That means studio time has become very limited because of a job, not by taking on too much volunteer work, travel, and social commitments. But maybe it will be good – who knows? I think it will – I do need some discipline.

I have been in the studio all weekend while my husband and Ella have been down in Santa Fe and it’s been complicated but great. My body is hurting from not being used to standing all day (I prefer to stand when I work), but I’m remembering how important it is to just show up. I walked in feeling stuck and unfocused but the longer I worked, the more I fell into my groove. Oh yeah, I remember that feeling!

work in progress – looks a little bland but will be dramatically different once fired!

The other thing is I need to relearn how to use WordPress – of course it’s evolved since I was posting with more regularity – so this will be a slow process. My posts might look a little clunky for a while until I figure this out but better to get something on here – right?

Coming up – I am participating in a little artist showcase at the Old Oak Coffeehouse in Niwot, Colorado on the 17th of September. It’s really exciting because it’s the first time ever I get to show with my friend Jonathan Machen!

My work will be a little different (of course – I am always changing it up, as you know!), and I’m experimenting with some new ideas. I was in Spain in April, so my work focuses on tapas! Images coming soon!

BTW – I will be donating 20% of my sales on September 17 to Planned Parenthood!

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