Updates coming Soon!

Yes – I do struggle keeping this site updated but I have big plans!  This summer I will be building a home studio and working on creating web sales!

This weekend is the Boulder Potters Guild Annual Spring Sale at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.  I don’t have much work currently but I really wanted to participate – I am the President of the Guild after all!  SO I have a little booth set up! Walking around the sale is so inspiring – I’m so proud of the work of my fellow guild members!

Relaxing in Cyprus

So we are relaxing with our friends Marios and Maria in Cyprus at their beautiful beach house. Since I have not had consistent WiFi until here I have not been able to post… so that means I  eventually will have to go back in time and start from the beginning post by post.  This should be fun because I will get to live it over again. But for now I’m here at Konnos Bay.  The water is a magical color of blue that my phone will never be able to deliver. I haven’t taken many pictures yet but here is one taken around 2pm white on a walk to the market:

The Mediterranean Sea



Here is the view from our bedroom:

Last night we went to a a traditional Cypriot Taverna in Soltira called Ploumin.  There we had a traditional mezedes dinner … or what Patrick calls “death by a thousand tiny dishes”.   We started with some pickled items, bread, salad and quail eggs  The dips are tzaziki and tahina:

Quail eggs!

Anyway, as usual, we got so busy eating, talking and drinking Cypriot wine and I forgot to take any more pictures but there was 20 more dishes that came out  – souvlaki, keftedes, grilled halloumi, eggplant, grilled chicken and many items that I cannot pronounce or figure out how to write.

Well we are off to do some snorkeling so I will write more later…





Well I just remembered that I can post from my phone… Only a week into my trip.  I find that I don’t want to sit still a moment over here…i want to walk and drink in everything I can.  And eat! I have one meal out a day and every one has been pasta.  

Right now I am having lunch at Cucina Torcicoda…a rec from the NYT. It is fantastic. I am having the special… tagliatele with porcini. Housemade pasta of course. AMAZING!

I love the little leather basket for the bread. 

This place is right up my alley because it has a tiny menu and serve red or white wine…one kind… the house.  At least for lunch.  They can make any cocktail and it is the same price. A glass of wine is 4euros…my pasta is 8. I’m having a glass of white and it is delicious.

Anyway… I spent the first half of the day at the Uffizi Gallery. I looked at every painting. It was wild seeing so many paintings that I studied in school.  

  Off to explore…

Update June 2017 …

…things have been CRAZY in my world but just so you know you can find my work at the following places:

Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery

pARTiculars Art Gallery

Corner Studio

I’m getting ready to head to Italy in a week and will be blogging from there.  I am hoping to get re-acquainted with this blog especially since there have been so many updates and changes since I was last writing.

So I will be heading to Rome for a bit, then Florence for a bit, and then a week at La Meridiana in Tuscany where I will be taking a workshop with Peter Beard.



After the workshop I will be spending a week in Cyprus with friends before wrapping the trip up with a couple of nights in Paris.

So to get my self back into a writing practice and re-learning my way around this blog I plan to share my trip here!  Stay tuned…

What now?

Ok – so I am done with school – that was a long haul.  Am I a “real” artist now?

As much as I feel such relief finishing I am also feeling a tiny bit at loose ends.  Funny – I went back to school because I wasn’t happy with my work and now that I’m done I’m not happy with my work. Really – I’m just feeling a little blocked.  Today I am going into the studio to make some triaxial blends using mason stains.  I have been using underglazes but not so happy with the flat look I get.  I’m hoping that by adding a bit of titanium to my glazes and brushing on the layers I’ll get a little more sense of depth.20150804_104054boring…

Ya know – I’ve always wanted to make dishware with muted colors but for some reason I end up with bright colors.  I’ve also always been interested in white.  I think I might start investigating this soon.


Priscilla was so wonderful to take some images of the newest work I dropped off at the Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery.  This body of work is still in progress and I am experimenting with getting out of my comfort zone and playing with more color.  I’m not 100% sure how I feel about it – I’ve always been a more neutral color kind of gal – preferring to dress in blacks and greys and keeping my work more towards the quiet side.  Working with the color is scary for me but I feel it is time for me to take a few more risks.  I have always felt that working with clay is “my practice”…along the lines of yoga and meditation.  So here is some results of the latest to emerge.

New work coming soon!

So – I have made the switch to porcelain and have been working hard in the studio getting to know it better. I forgot about the importance of drying it slowly – my first round of bowls had quite a bit of cracking – ugh! I have the first round in the bisque kiln as I write…


So I’m slowly getting my act together after a pretty crazy summer.  I now have my galleries stocked (mostly – the BACG needs more work!) but I need not only to be making new work PRONTO but I am trying to develop my online presence and get an Etsy shop open.  At the same time, I am learning how to shoot images of my work using my Galaxy S5 to achieve somewhat professional results.  I know I really need to hire someone to take images of my work (as soon as I have more work to shoot) for exhibition submissions and a postcard, but right now I want great photos to post on this site and my soon to be Etsy store.  In any case, here are some of the first  images I took with my phone this morning…

20140827_09093220140827_091148  20140827_090950


So what do you think?

I know… I know…

I really need to update this site but it’s hard to get myself to sit down at the computer and just do it.  I have had a crazy busy last 6 months (more like 6 years)  and no matter what, the days are never long enough.  All I want to do is be in the studio making but there are the actual paycheck related jobs, family and friends and …well…you know how it goes.

I have been working in the studio  making new work which I have been selling at The Corner Studio in Lyons, Co , pARTiculars in Lafayette, Co and at the Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery in Boulder, Co.

I have extremely successful Boulder Potters Guild Sales last fall and this Spring – I am just so grateful for all the support!

I am also working with Trish Kurnik and her new gluten-free baking biz – New Beat Foods.  We’ll be at the Boulder Farmers Market on Saturdays and you can also find our crackers at Cured on Pearl Street in Boulder.

Anyway, just a quick update.  Pictures of my new work to follow…