Update June 2017 …

…things have been CRAZY in my world but just so you know you can find my work at the following places:

Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery

pARTiculars Art Gallery

Corner Studio

I’m getting ready to head to Italy in a week and will be blogging from there.  I am hoping to get re-acquainted with this blog especially since there have been so many updates and changes since I was last writing.

So I will be heading to Rome for a bit, then Florence for a bit, and then a week at La Meridiana in Tuscany where I will be taking a workshop with Peter Beard.



After the workshop I will be spending a week in Cyprus with friends before wrapping the trip up with a couple of nights in Paris.

So to get my self back into a writing practice and re-learning my way around this blog I plan to share my trip here!  Stay tuned…