pneumonia…just what I need right now…

It explains a lot but I can’t believe I have pneumonia.  I’m so glad I went to the Dr. yesterday afternoon.  I must have a very functional form or but the truth is I probably am so out of touch with my health and a little too focused on my work.  I got a slight scolding from the Dr to take better care of myself and get better sleep.  …she has got something there.

Here is my 2nd posting of images from the NCECA trip.  They are from the biennial show and not the best images in the world…but here you go:

20130319_162406 20130319_162338 20130319_162343



20130319_162518 20130319_162504

20130319_16214620130319_162306 20130319_162248 20130319_162218 20130319_162152